Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gulls or Kites

Sometimes a collage is almost a living thing. It decides what it wants to be. This is especially true when one uses found paper for making a collage. Unlike a painting where the artist can mix desired colours on a pallet the collagist has often to depend on the best suited colour of the paper at hand. And such changes can sometimes cause a world or as in this case a sea of difference to the work.

Title :  Gulls at the lighthouse
Size : 20"x15"

The collage “Gulls at the lighthouse” is one such creation. This one actually started off as an attempt to do a collage on the festival of kites. Half way through I realised there was not enough of the sky blue that I needed for the clear sky background I had planned. The only blue colours I found were getting closer to water instead of sky.

And so this transformed into one with sky and water! Then I just had to have the gulls and lighthouse because it reminded me so much of Aotearoa!!