Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Buddha among the Peace Lillies

Title : Buddha of the Peace Lily
Size : 15" x 18"

The peace lily is a beautiful plant. Very easy to maintain, totally undemanding of attention and throws out such  lovely white flowers in a nest of  rich dark green leaves. It enriches the place it lives in. I totally love this plant.
I have always wanted to make a paper collage of this. The Buddha is an embodiment of peace and so I decided that a combination of the two had to be done. So here it is.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired by the Master

Title : Inspired by Van Gogh's  Sunflowers
Size : 13"x 17"
To be able to paint like Vincent Van Gogh is my dream. I only recently learnt that he had done five versions of Sunflowers (in a vase). Some paintings have 12 flowers, some have 15, one has just 3. The colour of the background changes slightly, some are more roughly painted while the ambient light seems to be different in some versions. The one common thing is they are all glorious. Here is my version inspired by Van Gogh, painted with paper!