Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Butterflies in the Garden

Here is another buttefly collage in post-impressionist stlye.
Title : Butterflies in the garden
Size : 11"x8"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sri Venkateshwara collage and our trip to Tirupati

I have had a long break from this blog and my collage art for most of the year battling family health issues that by the grace of the Lord have now resolved. So I am back to collage making and life as I know it.

A few weeks ago we visited Tirupati and to pay obeisance to the Lord of the Seven Hills – Sri Venkateshwara and to give our thanks for getting us through a very difficult period. The temple is a Vaishnavite Shrine dating prior to the 9 AD and the diety is the God Vishnu. Tiru-mala the hill on which the temple stands means ‘sacred -hill’ and Ven-kat-eshwara in Sanskrit means “ven=link to one’s sins, kata = cut off (for those who surrender to ) , eswara = the Supreme God. He is the benevolent God and the granter of boons.

After a long time I was inspired to make a collage painting and that too one of the Lord, which miraculously I completed rather speedily.

Size : 8"x11.5". This artwork is not for sale.  I have donated it to the temple at Tirupati.