About me and my collages

Hello !  I am Vijaya.   Welcome to my paper collage blog.  

Art has always interested me.  All kids love to draw and paint.  I never outgrew that. I am always sketching, doodling, painting and trying my hand at any medium new to me.  Papier mache, glass painting, metal embossing, crochet, needlework, and even digital art using Paintbrush application.   I love to try all kinds of art work.  My only requirement is the process be pleasurable.  And it feels good if the product turns out nice as well  ;-)

Many years ago, I had been to an exhibition of collage paintings - it was the first time I had really seen collages. Something about the simplicity of this Art form struck a chord in me and I discovered that it really was my true love.   The technique is simple but requires plenty of time. The process is truly enjoyable.  (And it is really non-messy - clean fingernails!)   Tearing little pieces of paper and gluing them into forms and watching it take shape into an art work.  It is amazing.  It seems to acquire a life of its own and grow in ways you did not intend when you started the piece. 

The material I use is glossy magazine paper on a paper/board base, a synthetic adhesive for pasting pieces on and I seal off with clear varnishing gel for protection.   Have a look at my gallery. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.


sruti said...

Dear Banu, It's wonderful to see your work - you are a talented woman! Keep the ideas flowing, hope you will have many followers!

ramesh shah said...

Dear Sister,
I am very much impressed to see your collage !
'True to nature' is the quality you have created !
ramesh b shah at surat (gujart)

Leo Nelson said...

You are a genius. dissertation writing services

BrandX said...

Wow, I came across your blog and I absolutely love your work! I have recently gotten into collage and love to look at other collage artists, what kind of varnish do you use for sealing? Thanks!

Vijaya said...

Hi Brandx, Thank you for your kind words. I use the clear gel from Golden for the varnish.

Sunil Bambal said...

good work ,,,vijaya ji