Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zebra on Chessboard and other artworks

Rush Hour
Size :  8.5” x 11”

 Hurry now; it will soon be rush hour at the reef! :-) 

I just love marine life. But I have to admit that the closest I have come to undersea life so far is only on the Discovery channel or at the aquarium. I do hope to get closer than that. The number one item on my list of things to do before I die is meeting these guys at rush hour at Great Barrier.

The colours are vibrant, the combinations mind boggling and the diversity is just magical. It is great to be alive and to experience all this – even if only in my mind so far. This collage hopefully represents a school of fish I very likely might run into one day.

Size : 42” x 19”

Look, there is a mermaid!

And I think she has discovered a treasure box!
Could it be from a sunken ship?
Maybe it is pirate treasure! How exciting!
Don’t you wish you could be there right now?
Well, I do.
Have I told you I just love marine life?
I did? Well, I also love mermaids.
I suppose they are a part of marine life.
Yes, I know mermaids are not real and they exist only in fairy tales.
Hey, wouldn't that make this collage fantasy art!  :-)

At 42inches wide (3 ½ feet) this is a big collage and has lots of little things tucked away to be discovered!

Here is an abstracted representation of knick knacks, accessories and such other collectibles women seem to accumulate over the years.   
Size :   9.5” x 7”
Size: 3.5” x 8 “
This small collage could also be called a large miniature!


Zebra on Chess Board 

It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White !
Ooh Ooh, yea yea yea....

But seriously now; have you ever wondered if a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Is a chess board black with white squares or white with black squares?

To contemplate this, I present to you ‘Zebra on chess board’.   :-)
Size  :  28” x 22”

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

One of my resolutions should be to keep up regularly with my blog posts.   There is a reason I haven't been doing this as well as I should have.   I find photographing my artwork difficult.  There is always a little glare on the photo or the colours dont seem exactly right or there is the problem with perspective and having to crop off all the edges to get an acceptable photo.  It always gets put in the too hard basket. But in the end, these are all excuses.  So this year, I resolve to be more regular with creating artwork and posting pictures.