Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mixed media art in Warli Style

Title  :  Welcoming Ganesha,  Warli style
Size 14" x 10 "

This is a mixed media collage in acrylic and paper on paper. This is in traditional tribal painting style of Maharashtra called Warli Painting. I have used acrylic paint for the fine details and collaged the larger details with paper. The subject is the festival that our state of Maharashtra is preparing for this month. The festival of Lord Ganpati that starts on Ganesh Chaturthi (19th Sept this year) and celebrations that last for 10 days.

I was inspired to make an artwork on this festival in the Warli style after attending a workshop on Warli painting last week. The Warli painting art form is over 1200 years old. The tribal women folk used to decorate the walls of their mud huts coated with cow dung and mud or terracotta with designs made with ground rice paste. The subjects were usually restricted to pictorial representation of their daily activities or were of folk lore and myth. Though their paintings are two dimensional, lacking in perspective and are monochromatic, the eye is drawn in to study the detail which is used very economically. Thus the viewer is forced to read the story being told by the pictures.

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Unknown said...

The Complete Art.The sequence of incidents are formed in the picture very carefully.Very nice illustration of the incident. The range of picture worths when it quotes. This canvas art really speaks as you have described. Nice blog.