Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gulls or Kites

Sometimes a collage is almost a living thing. It decides what it wants to be. This is especially true when one uses found paper for making a collage. Unlike a painting where the artist can mix desired colours on a pallet the collagist has often to depend on the best suited colour of the paper at hand. And such changes can sometimes cause a world or as in this case a sea of difference to the work.

Title :  Gulls at the lighthouse
Size : 20"x15"

The collage “Gulls at the lighthouse” is one such creation. This one actually started off as an attempt to do a collage on the festival of kites. Half way through I realised there was not enough of the sky blue that I needed for the clear sky background I had planned. The only blue colours I found were getting closer to water instead of sky.

And so this transformed into one with sky and water! Then I just had to have the gulls and lighthouse because it reminded me so much of Aotearoa!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Indian Folk culture

Size : 7"x 9"
One fine day, I had this brainwave that I needed to get some Indian folk culture captured in collage.    I started off with a small format because I wanted to finish each piece in a single sitting.   Just to be different, I decided to work with a pair of scissors this time.   It did go a lot faster than it would have tearing paper by hand.  
 First I did the dholak (Indian drum) player with an abstracted back ground.   This is a widely popular instrument as it provides the basic beats for dancing or chanting.   Usually strung from the waist or shoulders, the beats have a hypnotic quality. Combined with heady melodies of folk music, it is delightful.

Size : 7"x 9"

Next I did the Shehnai player.  The Shehnai is an aero phonic instrument made of wood and has between 6 to 9 holes.   The sound of this instrument is recognized as creating a sense of auspiciousness hence played at weddings and on festival days.   Strictly speaking this a classical instrument usually played at concerts while sitting down cross-legged.  With my artistic license I imagined, my musician playing it from a palace window just before sunrise.  Hence the quick down on one-knee kneeling posture!

While the first two have a more north Indian flavour, the next one is right out from the deep south of India.

Size : 7"x 9"
 Poi Kaal Kudhirai is a very popular Tamil folk dance form. This translates as False Legged Horse. The artiste steps into this costume of a horse rather garishly done up and pretends to be riding it this dance form. Usually the dance drama is about the heroics of a king. Sometimes the dancer also combines this with stilts. Usually performed in the evening under the arc lights, this is a truly an explosion of colour.
I think there is potential here for a good series.  Have to sort out ideas in my head first. Watch this space!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Buddha among the Peace Lillies

Title : Buddha of the Peace Lily
Size : 15" x 18"

The peace lily is a beautiful plant. Very easy to maintain, totally undemanding of attention and throws out such  lovely white flowers in a nest of  rich dark green leaves. It enriches the place it lives in. I totally love this plant.
I have always wanted to make a paper collage of this. The Buddha is an embodiment of peace and so I decided that a combination of the two had to be done. So here it is.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired by the Master

Title : Inspired by Van Gogh's  Sunflowers
Size : 13"x 17"
To be able to paint like Vincent Van Gogh is my dream. I only recently learnt that he had done five versions of Sunflowers (in a vase). Some paintings have 12 flowers, some have 15, one has just 3. The colour of the background changes slightly, some are more roughly painted while the ambient light seems to be different in some versions. The one common thing is they are all glorious. Here is my version inspired by Van Gogh, painted with paper!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Birds, butterflies, nature

I find inspiration for art mainly in nature. No one can recreate the magic that is in nature, but that doesnt stop one from making collages!
Last year I made a quick getaway to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I love having a stop-over holiday in Singapore (always lots to do) and another visit had been on my agenda for I had not ticked off all the boxes on my Singapore list. Jurong Bird Park was beckoning me.  

It was just delightful. So was the butterfly garden.    Totally amazing !!

The butterflies were there in the hundreds!! All fluttering away and real teasers too.  I tell you it is very very hard to photograph them. It was a totally inspiring trip for me.

This work represents some of that inspiration. 

Title : Monarchs in the Glen
Size: 11"x8.5"

Title : Lily Pond
Size: 11"x 8.5"

Title : Two Flamingoes
Size : 19"x29"