Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired by the Master

Title : Inspired by Van Gogh's  Sunflowers
Size : 13"x 17"
To be able to paint like Vincent Van Gogh is my dream. I only recently learnt that he had done five versions of Sunflowers (in a vase). Some paintings have 12 flowers, some have 15, one has just 3. The colour of the background changes slightly, some are more roughly painted while the ambient light seems to be different in some versions. The one common thing is they are all glorious. Here is my version inspired by Van Gogh, painted with paper!


Kate said...

Nice job! This is a great way to learn how the Masters approached the subjects they painted.

Vijaya said...

Thank you Kate. Yes, it made me appreciate the painting more. I had not realised how beautiful the brushwork on that VanGogh painting is until I started making the collage!!

kostas said...

What kind of paper did you use

Vijaya said...

I use thick glossy paper like that used in calendars and brochures.